The Cornelian Cherry Company in Hungary was founded to research this traditional, native fruit, its species, fields of utilization and history. We would like to examine the Hungarian and international questions of growing and processing of the plant and the berries, and share the collected knowledge. Our expressed goal is to propagate and introduce the products and the producers widely as possible.

Do you agree with our purposes and feel like to join our work? Would you like to help or support us, or apply yourself as a producer? Have you eaten something delicious made from Cornelian Cherry? Do you know a recipe? Have you seen a tree? In any of this cases, contact us please! Let’s take the first steps together, for this healthy fruit can regain its remarkable role in our nutrition, and can become popular as an ingredient in the food industry.

In brief: everything about the fruit here and now!


Get in touch with us, we are eager to know your opinion!

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Gabor Janko



Dirndl - Kizilcik - Corneliuskirsche - Cornus mas L. - Corn - Kornelkirche - Húsos som - Karas - Zogal - Yu - Dirndlbeere - Herlitze - Dogwood cherry - Dren - European cornel - Tierli - Zogal  -  Dranj